Recent Favourites

I have been doing a lot of naughty shopping over the last couple of months. I have to admit when I see a new product I feel this compulsive need to try it!

I am really excited because I have come across a new brand which is SUPER affordable and fantastic quality, as well as a couple of other classic favs!

Stay tuned below if you would like to see what I have been loving recently.


This is my most recent purchase, fresh out of the box. I love these melted lipsticks not only for the amazing colour range but the formula is an almost matte finish however it does not feel drying on your lips at all! I also love the bush applicator.

Too Faced, Melted Liquify Long Wear Lipstick, Melted Peony. Available at Myer $29.00


These are the amazingly affordable products that are great quality. These lip liners are very creamy, feel really nice on and have a great colour pay off. They also tend to last quite a while considering the price. The only downfall I would say is that there isn’t a huge colour selection.

Essence, Lip Liner, Satin Mauve/Cute Pink/Wish Me A Rose. Available at Priceline $2.00 each.


I think I have to say I have found my new favourite drugstore mascara! Now living in Australia can mean that even our drugstore makeup can be similar pricing to their high end counter parts in other countries, however this is true drugstore pricing and AMAZING quality. I feel like this mascara does make your lashes look more voluminous however i feel like it lengthens them at the same time. It does have a rubber brush though so if you do not like this kind of brush then this product may not be for you. I am definitely going back to by some different types of mascaras from Essence!

Essence, ‘I Love Extreme Crazy Volume’ Mascara. Available at Priceline, $5.75.


Sadly our sun is very quickly leaving us here in Aus and now that the colder weather has started to set in, a really nice body butter is a must. I love Soap & Glory’s body butters not only for their delicious smell but for the really rich nourishing feeling that sinks straight into the skin. Sugar Crush has got to be my favourite scent as it smells like a mixture of lollies and buttercream.

Soap & Glory, Body Buttercream, Sugar Crush. Available at Myer, $22.00


My favourite ‘going out’ mascara. This has amazing volume (I am talking huge, doll like lashes) and just makes your eyes pop. I love this however before buying I would suggest looking the brush however it has different sizes bristles which can be difficult to work with if you haven’t had a lot of practice. Love the packaging as well!!

Tarte, Lights Camera Flashes. Available at Sephora $23.00.


My final current favourite. This has got to be one of the best top coats. I am terrible when it comes to my nails, I swear they chip just by looking at them. This product not only helps pro-long your polish and gives it a lovely shine, I have found that it will cover some smaller imperfections in your bottom coats. I would highly recommend this product if you struggle with polish. Bonus points: it drys super quick!!

Sally Hansen, Miracle Gel Top Coat. Available at Priceline, $16.95.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you all have a lovely week.

xx Becca xx


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