October Bella Box 2015


I’m so sorry for the lack of posts! I have recently been on holidays for one of our very close friends wedding and then as soon as I got back started a new full time job so things have been slightly crazy around here.

Anyway I have recently received my latest Bella Box and thought I would run through some of the products. I am also looking to introduce monthly favourites so if anything is really amazing I’m sure it will end up in there.

To start with this month, the October Bella Box was a little disappointing as there was only one full sized product with everything else sample sizes but here goes….

Ardell Natural Lashes

I’ll start with the full sized product. These lashes are part of the ‘natural’ range however they are quite dramatic for natural lashes. Very defined lashes with lots of volume so I think these will be nice for night time. I personally am a fan of the eyelure lashes however keen to try the Ardell brand.


Coastal Scents Sampler, Blush in colours Delicate & Poetic

I’ve seen full sized Coastal Scents products before so I’m glad I get to try these. This included two blush colours in a sample set. First swatch impressions are that they are very pigmented, really nice colours however they are not natural colours so keep this in mind if looking at them.


Burt’s Bees Facial Water, Sampler

I am obsessed with micellar waters lately so I was excited to see this one. First impressions I like the smell of the product however the packaging may be difficult to work with, I will have to check back in with this.


ASPAR, Rose & Shea Hand Cream, Sampler

I have to admit I have never heard of this brand before but so far it seems very nourishing, smells amazing and fits perfectly in my handbag. All in all I am a fan!



Baimeni, Eye and Face Serum, Sampler

An Australian made product which makes me happy to see. Smells great, very hydrating on the skin and leaves you glowing. I’m definitely excited to try this and see how it goes.



Macadamia Oil Treatment, Sampler

I love this brand. It smells great, it leaves your hair looking amazing and shiny so the only negative I have to say about this one is that again it is only a tiny sample size.



Thanks for reading everyone.

Have an amazing week xx


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