Serial Season Two is Back!

I know that I normally review beauty products however I have been so excited about this that I just wanted to let everyone know that Serial Season Two is out (if you are a fan then I’m sure you would have already listened to it!).


If you are not familiar, Serial is investigative journalism at it’s best.

The host Sarah Koenig tells a story (based on facts and current events) of one subject. Last year the subject was Adnan Syed, a man some say was wrongly accused and convicted of murdering his girlfriend 15 years ago. This year the subject is Bowe Bergdahl a US soldier accused of leaving his base camp in Afghanistan who was then captured and held by the Taliban for five years.

It is an amazing podcast to listen to and nearly every episode has you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what happened next.

Serial is available for download through iTunes today.


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