Recently my beloved GHD straightener (that I have owned for over 5 years) started to fail and seemed to do a lot more beeping than working. I dragged it out for as long as possible however the time came that I had to purchase a new straightener. After A LOT of research, I decided to purchase the newer Cloud Nine over the tried at tested GHD.

I had heard from a number of people that the original owners of GHD had left and started a new company Cloud Nine and the newer versions of the GHD were not living up to their previous reputation. Please note that this was not the only reason for me switching and I’m sure newer GHD’s are still a great choice.

Below I have given you a snapshot of both models as well some of the reasons for my choice to go with the Cloud Nine.

GHD V Styler Cloud Nine
Price $270 $315
Temperature Range Automatic control setting


Manual control

100O – 200O

Temperature Control No Yes
Plate Width 24mm 25mm
Colours Black, White, Limited Edition Pink and Rose Gold Black
Automatic switch off Yes Yes

Cloud Nine

  • Only available in black which made me sad as my other GHD was pink & white.
  • Manual Temperature control which is great if you straighten your hair each day as you can set it to a lower temp during the week to reduce the damage to your hair however still set it up high if needed for styling etc.
  • Slightly thicker plates than the standard GHD which makes it great if you have curly/frizzy hair.
  • Styling took slightly longer with the Cloud Nine however my hair was definitely smoother and shinier at the end.
  • My hair tends to hold the Cloud Nine styling a lot longer than my GHD. After 5 days my hair was still dead straight after using my Cloud Nine with no touch ups during the week and humid weather to compete with.
  • The irons have a slightly more relaxed grip on the hair which takes getting used to however is better for your hair.


  • Available in a wide selection of pretty colours including pink, silver and rose gold depending on the limited edition on offer at the time.
  • No manual temperature control, however the GHD technology claims that the straightener detects the temp required for your hair styling.
  • Plate size is very similar to the Cloud Nine so there is very little difference however the slightly smaller tongs do make creating tight curls slightly easier.
  • While I cant speak for this one personally there is an overwhelming number of customers that have experienced a number of warranty issues with the newer models of the GHD styling wand. Again something I can’t speak for myself however it is something I thought I should mention that I have come across with my research.

Overall Design

Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine

Temperature Control

Cloud Nine

*Please note in the above images my Cloud Nine is only around 3 months old and my GHD is over five years old, hence the wear and tear visible on the GHD.

Overall opinion
It took me a really long time to make this decision as it is a big purchase.
With all of the research that I completed, I couldn’t find anyone stating their preference on irons. The reason for this is probably because they are both good quality products that if you look hard enough you can find enough negative statistics to suit either side of the coin.

All of this being said I would choose my Cloud Nine straightener again and it is something I would recommend to my family and friends. Overall I prefer the flexibility available with the Cloud Nine as well as the finish of my hair and the lasting power of my style.

I hope I have helped any of you looking to make a purchase in this area.

Have a great weekend xx



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