What I’m…….

…. Reading, Drinking Listening to and so on.

I listen to a lot of music, watch a lot of TV shows and generally have a lot of favourites that change from week to week.

Because of this I thought I would start a segment that I am going to call What I’m….

What I’m….Listening To
Shopaholic to the Rescue, Sophie Kinsella.
I am a huge fan of audiobooks as it is a great way to read your favourite books if you are time poor as you can listen to them on the go. Shopaholic to the Rescue is the latest book in the Shopaholic series where Becky has to travel across the USA to find her dad who has gone missing. While the title sounds like its going to be a very ‘superficial’ read, there is great depth to the friendships and relationships with the main character and above all it is hilarious. It made me laugh out loud the whole way through.


What I’m….Watching
Chicago P.D.
If you are a fan of the Chicago series (Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med) then you are probably already aware of this one. It is a great mix of drama, dark comedy and dramatic action scenes. The characters in this show are all very relatable and it is generally a very enjoyable show to watch. It is especially great if you are looking for something to share with your husband/boyfriend as it has plenty in it for him as well.

Chicago PD

What I’m…..Drinking
T2 Tea Selfies
I am a huge tea fan, especially black tea. T2 have released their tea selfies range that has ten different black tea selections from their range so that you can try different flavours without having to purchase a full sized packet (in case you don’t like the flavour). They have a selfie range for everyone too, green, black, flavoured and fruit infused tea.


What I’m……Reading
Strong Looks Better Khloe Kardashian
If you are not a Kardashian fan then you won’t like this however I encourage you to look past the Kardashian name and look into the book. This is a great book that focuses on how to take control of your body emotionally, physically and mentally, especially if you are working through a trying time. There are some great tips for dealing with anxiety, fitness, healthy clean eating all told from Khloe’s very honest and raw account of her own life.



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