Night Time Skincare Routine

Having nice makeup can be a great way to achieve your perfect look, although it can be that much harder to look flawless if your skin is not looked after. There are a number of reasons that we should look after our skin including:

  • Helping keep skin clear from breakouts and infections
  • Help apply makeup better and have it last longer
  • Prevent the signs of early anti ageing

Sometimes it can be hard after a long day to follow a full night time skin routine however I have outlined below a routine that I will try to follow at least 2 to 3 times a week. Sometimes makeup wipes and a night moisturising cream just has to do!


Makeup Removal: Firstly I start with removing all of my makeup by using makeup wipes. My favourites at the moment are the Simple Cleansing Wipes. I will follow this up by using an exfoliating cleansing scrub to remove any excess makeup.
Face Masks: While I don’t do a face mask every night I will aim to use one at least once a week. Depending on how my skin is feeling I will either use an illuminating/hydrating mask such as the Formula 10.0.6 or a more intensive and exfoliating mask such as the Glam Glow Youth Mud mask.



Eye Makeup Removal: After I have used my face mask, I will ensure that all of my eye makeup has been removed by using a cleansing or miceallar water. The miceallar waters are great, especially if you use contact lenses like I do as they are very gentle on your eyes.
Moisturise: I start by using an eye cream, at night I tend to choose a cream over a gel as it is more hydrating – my favourite at the moment is The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream. My next tip is really only if you suffer from dry skin, I will use an oil combined with a night cream to really leave my skin plump and hydrated over night.


Finally I will use a body oil and body moisturiser right before I go to bed. My favourite body oil is the Neutrogena Body Oil and depending on my mood my two favourite body moisturisers are the Sephora Body Butter in Strawberry (it smells amazing) and the Lush Ro’s Argan Oil. Technically this is to be washed off in the shower but I really like how it protects my skin and locks in the moisture, particularly in the winter.

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great week xo


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