My $5,000 Wedding

I got married in December 2014 and contrary to popular belief i didn’t find my wedding all that stressful. I planned the entire day from start to finish (with very little help from my husband!!) and it all come to just under $5,000.

A lot of people dream of having the perfect wedding and sometimes this does not come cheap, however I thought I would put together some of my top tips for having my dream wedding, all within a very easily managed budget.

When the sun comes up…
A huge contributing factor to the cost savings for our wedding was that we held it in the morning. We held both the ceremony and reception in different areas at Kings Park in Perth WA. This meant that the costs for hiring the venue only came in around $200 as opposed to hiring out a function room which can cost upwards of $2,000. The morning time also meant our celebrant was cheaper (less demand for this time) and less money was spend on alcohol as we only had Mimosa’s instead of copious amounts of wine & beer…and people drank less because it was all held before lunch time.


Eat, Drink and be married…
As the wedding was in a public park we hired in caterers in for our food and drinks. We selected brunch foods (the best meal in my opinion) which meant the food was substantial for everyone however no one had to sit down to a full meal. We were also able to purchase our own alcohol and take it to the caterers which meant we were paying a fraction of the cost than if we were to have someone else order in the drinks. The caterers put together all of the food, drinks and served it to our guests. Instead of having one big cake that no one would eat all of, we had cup cake wedding cake which was great because it meant no cutting and limited leftovers.

A huge shout out to Good Mood Food Catering, Nom Nom Cupcakes and Star West Party Hire who helped make our day so easy and amazing!



I’m with the band…
To go with our brunch theme, we had the amazing Tres Classique who played a selection of newer pop songs right through to some beautiful classics. They really added to the look and feel of our wedding and I would highly recommend this as an option for more affordable music.

Très Classique Image Source:

Online shopping will become your friend, as if it isn’t already!
Apart from the service based purchases, I bought everything online. This included our wedding rings, my wedding dress, invitations, flower girl dress and all of our decorations. This may sounds scary however we saved huge dollars by doing it this way. My tip would be to read ALOT of reviews, check their returns policy in detail and take your measurements with great care before you commit to purchasing.



Mirror mirror on the wall
I make regular trips to the hairdresser so my amazing hairdresser came around to my house to do my hair. I also treated myself to a spray tan and manicure the day before the wedding however I did my own makeup in the morning.

IMG_1568All in all planning and running your wedding all by yourself does take a lot more hard work from the bride and groom, however if you are looking for a budget option it can really help deliver your dream wedding without spending what you would spend on a house deposit. Our wedding was perfect for us and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I hope I have helped you out with some ideas and if you are getting married my number 1 tip would be to relax. Your wedding is just one day of the rest of your life so don’t stress if something doesn’t go exactly to plan.


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