Product Empties

Product empties are probably one my favourite posts to read/watch from other people so I thought I would go through and list some of the products that I recently used up and my opinions on them.

Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
I know that I have spoken about this before but this is my number one body skincare product and I have got everyone I know using it now! It is so thick and moisturising and leaves your skin with a soft glow after using it. I also really love how it leaves a protective film (not greasy at all) that helps protect your skin next time you shower keeping you hydrated and moisturised for a long time! I already have another one of these on the go.


Lush Charity Pot
I purchased this in around September 2015 so I’m not sure if the charity pot has changed now however I really like the smell of this one, the main notes include Moringa, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang oil, this combination smells so amazing and fresh. Like all Lush body moisturisers, the Charity Pot is very hydrating and last all day on your skin.


Nivea Body Lotion Pure & Natural
Last body moisturiser on the list. I really like a lot of Nivea products because they offer really great quality skin care products all at an affordable price! This body lotion feels quite light on the skin however it is also very moisturising. It has bio argan oil which helps by perfecting your skin making it look smoother and more ‘airbrushed’. Finally the smell is very light and refreshing so it is perfect for summer!


Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water
When I was last in Sephora the only size they had of this was the mini 50ml version however I still really loved the product! It removes your makeup really easily and is really gentle on your skin. There are only two negatives I have to say about this:
i) I’m not a huge fan of the smell of this product as it is quite strong compared to some of the other micellar waters such as the Garnier or Simple ones.
ii) If you are a contact lens wearer this can sting a little on your eyes so just be careful if you are taking your makeup off with your contacts still in.

I have tried to go on a repurchase this again however Sephora always seem to be sold out!!


Glam Glow Youth Mud Treatment Masque
I am a Glam Glow convert, I absolutely love their masks and I think they really do make a difference to my skin. The youth mud mask is a clay mask that you leave on your skin for around 15 mins. It has natural particles in the mask so that when you wash it off your face it also acts as a gentle exfoliant. After using these masks my skin feels hydrated, clean and fresh. It also helps to clean any bacteria out of your pores helping combat any breakouts.


De Lorenzo Extinguish Thermal Protection Spray
This is my favourite heat protectant spray available on the market. Firstly I love the pastel packaging of the product as it is so pretty. But beyond the packaging I really love this product. It really provides a protective layer between your hair and the heat treatment that you are trying to put on it. I have definitely noticed a different in my dry split ends since using this product. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have oily or fine hair as you may find it too heavy for your hair.


L’Oreal Infallible Foundation
My final two products are makeup related products to finish off this post! It’s not often I finish up foundations because I do have quite a lot that I tend to switch between on a daily basis however I really love this foundation and used it so much that there is none left. This foundation is the perfect mix between a medium to full coverage foundation that still  leaves the skin looking glowy and natural. The Infallible range has a huge range of shades and the perfect formulation that will mean it suits a range of skin types and colours. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.


NYX Makeup Setting Spray
One of the best affordable setting sprays on the market in my opinion. I tend to prefer a more glowy look so I use the dewy setting spray however it does come in a matte version as well. This helps lock your makeup into place and extends the life of it during the day. I also keep a travel version in my handbag to refresh my skin and makeup throughout the day.





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