Shaaanxo Palette Review

If you are a regular watcher of YouTube then you probably have heard of Shaaanxo, an amazing down to earth gal from New Zealand who makes beauty videos. She has recently released a makeup palette in collaboration with BH Cosmetics. The makeup palette includes two sides one with 9 Eyeshadows and one with 9 Lipstick shades and is available for only $14.50. This is such an affordable palette so if you would like to know more read on for my review below.



This palette is really compact for 18 different individual products which makes it perfect for travelling. With a beautiful pale pink case and metallic silver writing, it definitely looks more luxurious than it actually costs which gives the product a very premium feel. Finally the magnetic closing lids with big mirror on each side is very convenient and adds to the overall look of the palette.

Eyeshadow Quality



  • 3 matte shades
  • 9 shimmer shades
  • amazing quality
  • buttery and creamy, blend really well and are extremely pigmented
  • Upon first impressions I was somewhat skeptical of the matte colour shades because they didn’t look like my type of colours, however after seeing a tutorial that Shannon put on her youtube channel I have found a whole new lot of ways to use the warm shades to create a really flattering look that worked well with my skin tone.

Lipstick Quality


  • 9 shades
  • creamy, pigmented and super comfortable to wear
  • Colour selection is georgeous with a mixture of neutrals, pinks and berrys and I have to say I would wear everyone of these colours day to day.
  • when I first saw this all I could think of was nineties lipglosses that I used to have a kid but these lipsticks could not be further from this! They are beautiful quality lipsticks that bring up slightly nostalgic memories that remind me of my favourite all time movie Clueless!
This is what I was expecting, something from my childhood. While it may look something like this the quality could not be further from the 90’s type makeup palettes!
  • The only negative I have to say about these lipsticks is that they do have a slightly funny smell however this is nothing to detract at all from the quality and selection available.
  • The colours can be applied with a lip brush or with your fingers depending on how you want the application to look and also the colour you choose (the darker colours work better with a lip brush).

Overall Review

For $14.50 I would challenge you to find something that is better quality and better value. Everything included in this palette is amazing quality and perfect to create a number of different looks from a natural day time looks to a glamourous night time look. I had hoped to like this palette when I purchased it because I love Shannon, however it exceeded all of my expectations as a shadow palette alone not to mention that it is awesome that someone so talented was able to create this great product.

Congratulations Shannon, I have been obessed and used this palette everyday and there doesn’t look like there is an end in sight of me trying to create a different look!


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