Best Body Butters


Here in Australia we are coming into the height of Summer and looking after our skin is probably the most important thing we can do to get through these hot months (plus drinking lots of water)!

Aside from having to use the highest-grade sunscreen, constantly getting in and out of the water at the beach can really take a toll on your skin so picking a hydrating and moisturising body butter is a priority.


Below I have picked out some of my favourite body butters to use to give you some ideas if you are on the lookout for something new or different to try out.

Lush, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
Available Lush online or in store, $32.95, 225g


Technically a conditioner that you should use in the shower and wash off, I love to use this as a body butter after I get out of the shower on the days where my skin needs an extra boost.

  • I love the woody rose scent and the scent tends to linger around for a while which love (some may not like so much).
  • Super hydrating for your skin that almost creates a protective barrier between you and the sun & salt.
  • Made from all natural products.

Soap & Glory, Sugar Crush Body Buttercream
Available Mecca instore or online, $19.00, 300ml


OMG if I could take a spoon and eat this I would. This smells like the most amazing mix of citrus and sweet cake mixture and just reminds me of summer.

  • I love how light and fluffy this feels after applying, it soaks right into your skin leaving you feeling hydrated but not greasy.
  • The scent is just incredible, you’ll have to try it for yourself to understand what I am saying.
  • I love the 300ml size tub that it comes in (compared to others which are around 200ml for the same price) so it is great value.

Bath & Body Works, Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
Available Amazon (Australia), $9.49, 236ml


  • The Cherry Blossom scent is very light but pretty and it doesn’t tend to linger for too long after application.
  • Is absorbed directly into the skin which makes it great for a quick easy application on those hot days.
  • Once applied to your skin it seems like it has some minimal skin perfecting qualities making your skin appear much smoother after use.

*Special note as Bath & Body works is not currently available in Australia unless you live in certain cities so I purchase mine on Amazon and get it shipped to Australia.

The Body Shop, Moringa Body Butter
The Body Shop online or in store, $39.95, 400ml


Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a body butter post without at least one mention of The Body Shop range.

  • All body butters from the Body Shop are amazing. They are rich and moisturising in quality and help provide that extra hydration boost to your skin.
  • I have to say the Moringa scent is by far my favourite, it’s so light and refreshing and tends to last on my skin all day long.
  • A special mention (however it was not available this year) is the Frosted Cranberry Christmas Scent as this smells just divine. Fingers crossed they will bring it back next year as I loved it so much and have just used up my last tub of it 😦

If you are looking for a new body butter to try out I would highly recommend testing out all of the above. If you don’t like the sounds of scents that I have included above most of these ranges have a variety of scents to suit everyones taste so you can mix it up and have a little fun.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, happy swimming and if you are in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the cool and the countdown is on again to these warmer months for you ❤


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